Water Intrusion, Water Leaks, Building Maintenance
In dealing with commercial building maintenance, water damage can be a frustrating issue to resolve. Water intrusion and damage – An understanding of construction methods is crucial to determining an accurate assessment of the source(s) of the water and how best to solve the issue. Water movement can be very difficult to trace, but there are some tips to help narrow down the source and come up with an effective approach to a fix.
When the source of water cannot be determined by a simple inspection, sometimes a water analysis can provide clues to where the water is coming from. For instance, if chlorine is present, it may indicate the water is from a municipal source. Other tests may indicate the water source is from a sewage leak. Simple ground/storm water may not contain any indicators.
Knowledge of construction materials and methods are needed when performing a visual inspection. This is important when the source of the leak is not apparent. Pay specific attention to the density and thickness of materials. The location of water collection and possible routes water may have traveled to get there. Keep in mind the water may have been diverted by structures or water repellent surfaces to end up in the specific location. Many times it will be necessary to probe different areas to detect moisture levels. This may include removing small portions of ceiling, floor and wall materials.
Water testing can also be an effective tool to ‘recreate’ issues. Often, when determining the source of leaks, there are multiple sources contributing to the leak. For instance, a skylight and a gutter may be the source of one leak location. Using water testing procedures can expose all sources of the leak; Sometimes these tests will require prolonged exposure for the leak to manifest itself, depending on the track of the water.
Be patient when searching for leak sources. Sometimes it can take months or years to completely identify water intrusion. The complexity of the structure, age, materials, and methods of construction will impact how leaks happen and how to repair.
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