Emergency Response

Our collective knowledge gives MODERN CONSTRUCTION SERVICES (MCS) a keen understanding of what it will take to keep your facility and grounds in safe and working order.


Services Offered

Modern Construction Services Charlotte, Renovation and Restoration Services

Mold Remediation Services

Modern Construction Services (MCS) is equipped and staffed to help clients quickly and effectively handle mold issues in their commercial spaces. Knowing how to create a remediation process once mold is discovered is critical to the success of maintaining a safe environment, addressing the cause of the mold, and getting your space back to operating normally. During many of our projects, we encounter mold unexpectedly but are able to remediate and repair it in-house, saving our clients time and money. Since we are a construction company, MCS is able to handle all phases of a mold event, from determining the source of moisture to mold remediation, to completing any required repairs and restoration.

Modern Construction Services Charlotte, Renovation and Restoration Services

Water Damage

Modern Construction Services (MCS) has a warehouse of equipment ready to mobilize in the event your site has a water event. Proper protocol should be followed to mitigate the event, start the drying process and create a safe space to make repairs. We are a certified IICRC firm and our technicians are specifically trained to handle water events professionally and quickly. We are here 24/7 to answer your calls.

Modern Construction Services Charlotte, Renovation and Restoration Services


When it’s time to put things back together, using a firm that can handle everything from remediation to restoration will save time, money and a lot of frustration. Modern Construction Services (MCS) has the team to fix the original issue, whether it’s mold or water, mitigate the event and perform all needed repairs to get your site up and running normally. The faster this happens, the less of an impact to your company and losses in productivity are minimized. From floor to ceiling and everything in between, MCS is ready to respond and help our clients focus on their business.